About Us

Sourceworks Group was designed to bring the right people to the client through contract staffing, direct hire, or consulting relationships to meet a specific need.  We have an extensive network of professionals who can work with your organization in the capacity that makes sense for your current needs.    
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With over 30 years of business operations, human resources, and recruiting experience, Dave Cummins leads Sourceworks Group and a network of professionals dedicated to industry best practices in their areas of expertise. Dave holds a Bachelors degree in Management from Sam Houston State University with specialties in Production, Personnel, and Economics, and has managed numerous business operations functions for companies ranging in size from large corporations to small company start-ups.

Previous engagements include industry sectors in software development, system engineering and integration, computer hardware manufacturing, federal government contracting (civilian and DoD), aerospace, energy exploration & development, civil/structural engineering and construction/building technologies.  Dave has implemented and managed the business operations crucial for organizational survival, and produced results in time and money-saving initiatives. Dave has also served as an adept speaker, mentor, instructor, analyzer, and performance management expert who focuses on the major issues necessary for business success.