Contract Staffing

team-spirit-959268_1280Employers who utilize contract staffing services find that many of their personnel headaches are solved in a quick and efficient way.  Sourceworks Group provides pre-qualified contractor candidates to employers for those times when staffing needs cannot be fulfilled by the traditional recruiting process:   periods of peak demand when rapid staffing is critical to success, focused staffing to address skill set challenges, or management of labor costs fluctuations.

The employer has the ability to evaluate a contract employee for a reasonable period of performance, and can later offer the contractor full-time direct employment if desired.  We handle all of the government-mandated employment taxes and benefits load for the contract employees provided through Sourceworks Group so that you can focus on the work and not the employment legal issues.  If you are facing a need for staff augmentation or an alternative to the traditional recruiting process, consider Sourceworks Group for contract staffing. 

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